In a recent candid revelation, Kristin Davis opened up about her prolonged battle with body acceptance, proudly declaring her newfound love and acceptance for her natural physique. Speaking with Woman Magazine, the actress shared her journey of embracing her body shape, emphasizing that she has shifted her focus from conforming to unrealistic beauty standards to indulging in activities that bring her joy, such as yoga and Pilates. Davis also shed light on the ageist pressures faced by women in an industry that often imposes cosmetic procedures as a norm. She urged women to opt for such procedures only if it aligns with their personal desires, not due to societal pressures. This isn't the first time the former "Sex and the City" star has addressed the issue of Hollywood's beauty ideals. She previously discussed the industry's fixation on a particular body image and recalled her entry into a world dominated by "stick-skinny women with blond hair and blue eyes" during the '90s. Furthermore, Davis candidly discussed her experiences with facial fillers, acknowledging both positive and negative outcomes. She revealed that dealing with the consequences of fillers, including the need for dissolution, had been an emotional and stressful journey, marked by relentless ridicule, highlighting the importance of embracing natural beauty and self-acceptance in the face of industry pressures. Kristin Davis's openness serves as a powerful reminder of the need for authenticity and self-love in an industry often obsessed with unrealistic standards.
September 26, 2023 — Carter Ogden